Last weekend we had another camping weekend away, this one was directly West across the State of Michigan, to Holland on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Just so you can see what I’m talking about here’s a map, showing where I live (C) in relation to both Holland (D) and Petoskey (B).  I put Petoskey in for good measure as we go there every year and it’s also on the shores of Lake Michigan but much further North.

Partial map of Michigan

One of the things we love to do when we’re in Holland is to sample the Farmer’s Market.  And it’s really rather special at the beginning of the Fall with the pumpkins, flowers and seasonal fresh fruit and veggies.  It’s a great market anytime of the year, it runs from May right through to December.

Now that’s what you call a bunch of radishes!

Andrew checking out the pumpkins

Seasonal flower bouquets

An incredible stack of peppers

Tiny hot peppers

Chrysanthemums “mums” for your outdoor decorating

After we returned from the market we went for a walk along the large sand dunes separating the campground from Lake Michigan to walk up an appetite for lunch as there was also coffee and cake at the market too!

A tree hugger!

I love the light at this time of year

A peek through the trees to Lake Michigan

Trees showing the first of this seasons colour change

Sunday was much cooler and cloudier.  After packing up the camp and getting some exercise in the form of a quick 14 mile bike ride, we wandered about by the lake before heading home again.

Holland’s landmark lighthouse “Big Red” in the background

We watched the cormorants successfully fishing in the shallows. There must have been a shoal of small fish sheltering by the rocks as there was no shortage of food.

And finally, for Darnell. Despite a 14 mile bike ride, someone still had way too much energy!

The State park where we camp doesn’t close until the last weekend in October, so if the weather stays nice we’re planning on one last trip there before winter sets in.  Failing that I’d really like to go in December when they hold their Christmas market, just for the fun of it.

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