Yikes, October folks!  OCTOBER!!!  Picture me looking like Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream at that news, lol!!  It’s Wednesday, time to go desk hopping again, head on over to see Julia if you need any info about our weekly worldwide desk hop.

I had you all guessing last week with my fun and funky paper origami wotsits, but I can’t fool you, most of you guessed Christmas, some of you even guessed a snowflake decoration and you were spot on, in fact here it is.

I posted earlier today (Tuesday) about this with a link to the tutorial to make it if you’d like to see how to do it.  I think it would be great in a double sided print, especially something vintagey like a music print.   And the reason that I couldn’t tell you anything about it last week was because it was for a Design Team project, a new one for me as I’ve been asked to join Sparkles Christmas Challenges, and I’m sure you all know me and Christmas!, lol!  There’s now a new button over on the right which will link you to the challenge blog if you’d like to join in and prepare for Christmas with us.  And also another new button at the very top right… a Christmas countdown, which I know you’re going to love me for!

On to my desk this week…

First of all can I just say….. I finished the stamp mounting marathon!!  Yay me!  I put them all in a special tin of their own (LOTV images) and that’s just peeking in top right.  There’s a lot going on the rest of the desk too, the snowflake dec is in the bottom left, you can get an idea of the size of the thing, it’s quite big at just over 9″ across, although you can make a smaller one too!  I was also working on a Christmas treat bag, the chocolates for that are at the back!  The pencils are out, the cropadile, scissors, clear Penny Black stamps, a coloured snowman digi and anything else?  Spot something lurking over there??  Just a few giraffes bobbin’ about, they bobbed in to say hi to you and will be bobbin’ off again soon!  Yes, they’re hand made bobbin ribbon spools for the giraffe ribbon organizers that my husband makes and sells on both his own site, Amazon and Etsy.  These new ribbon spools will allow you to wind loose ribbons on to bobbins to put in his holders that previously only took reels of ribbon.

So that’s my desk this week, I’ve shown you mine, will you be brave and show us yours??