What indeed?  Not a lot I can tell you!  But first I must send you in the direction of Julia, or at least her linky, cause if I’m not mistaken I think she might still be on her hols and probably doesn’t want us lot turning up unannounced!

Here’s my tidy desk..

It might look like plain white paper but it’s actually embossed with TH Sparkly Holographic embossing powder and a load of snowflake stamps.  There are some Sizzlets and ProvoCraft dies I’m also thinking of using, and heavens to Betsy!  Is that a punch!  Didn’t think anyone used them anymore!  The desk completely belies the paper crafting frenzy of last weekend when I made eleven more Christmas cards for World Card Making Day!  Some of them are in that little pile at the back there.

There is another desk this week.. sick to the back teeth of tripping over my turn table storage thingy every time I moved, I decided to bite the bullet and start decorating the thing.  I didn’t want to use it before I’d decorated it as I’d never take everything out and do it once it was in use.  So I kept it on the floor, empty, until I had time to do it.  I’ve been tripping over it for almost THREE YEARS!!  Obviously I’m more of a procrastinator than I thought I was!

So I grabbed the first tin of paint I came across (peach) and set too painting.  It’s mostly had one coat here, need to give it at least one more and then I’ll add some nice papers ala Eliza.  And that begs a question.. does it need to be sealed with something after I put papers on it?  I’m also thinking of maybe using a few rub ons too.  Can anyone help?