Hello all – no desk from me this week, our temperatures took a nose dive, the heating went on and the knitting gene kicked back in!  So I finished and wove in the ends of two pairs of socks, started a cabled sock and seamed a pair of fingerless gloves finished in April but put away because I didn’t need them in the summer.  So I’m doing a bit of show and tell this week as I managed to finish three projects that had been hanging around for way too long, and got going on another one, which gave me an inordinate amount of pleasure… so I’m passing that along to you!

One plain pair on the left knitted with self patterning wool; one patterned pair on the right knitted with stretchy plain wool!  Both sitting in the sock drawer now awaiting their turn.

And these are the new socks on the needles:

And now for the hands, a pair of fingerless gloves for work as I sit next to a window and it’s turned quite chilly in the morning until the place fully warms up.

I think a hat for me might be next, especially as they’ve used the word “snow” in our weather forecast this week!  Or a cowl perhaps, either way, it’s time for knitting season again, especially as it’s now dropped to the wrong side of freezing here at night!!

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