Woosh, here we are again back round to Wednesday/Tuesday to paraphrase Darnell.  Thanks for all the knitty love last week, the mitts have been pressed into use at my desk this week in the mornings, and one pair of the socks have been worn.  It’s hard getting used to typing with mitts on though!  The first green sock is now finished and I’ve started the second one already, this is the fastest I’ve ever knit a pair, I’m really enjoying the pattern.

Anyway, I have a desk this week for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, but it’s a tad boring tbh.

I had made a card for a DT post so I can’t show you that until this Friday, and then I made one other Christmas card.  Bits from that one are still on the desk; the Fiskars sentiment stamps are there and at the back is the House Mouse stamp I’d used.  There’s a few little tools and that’s about it!  I took the pic on Sunday afternoon which explains why it’s still light, although our clocks don’t go back here until the coming Sunday morning.

And because I’ve got nothing remotely interesting to show you, here’s the HM card that I had made:


I know some of you have seen this already, but  A) I like it and B) Eliza said it reminded her of Yoda!  Chin, chin peeps.