So we’re back around to the middle of the week again.  That means desk visiting for the uninitiated, and you can become un-uninitiated if you head over to see the luvverly Julia!  I have to apologise as I wasn’t able to make many visits to many desks last week, too much work, too little time, I didn’t even get to visit the head lady herself!  I hope to do better this week.

The most interesting thing on show this week is my House Mouse candy that I won from the lovely Sue Drees as part of a House Mouse blog hop a couple of weeks ago.  I have some gold Christmas paper, a Milton stamp, stamp cleaning accouterments, possibly a card (can’t decide if I want to finish it or start again), and my hedgy sticky notes!  Not a lot then.

Possibly of more interest is this, taken through my patio doors on Monday evening…

Yes, it has arrived.  Andrew told me to stop taking pictures of it as “it’ll only encourage it”!!!   Strange boy!  Still, what with Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day this week, and the tragedy unfolding in the Philippines, I have little, if anything, to complain about, and an awful lot to be grateful for.