It’s that time of the week again, the What’s On your Workdesk Wednesday time, with our Julia.

You’ve caught me mid flow this week, quite a lot going on here at the mo, which I suspect is the case around the world as we’re now under the 30 day mark on the countdown to Christmas.

There’s some colouring going on and a card that’s mostly finished but not fully stuck down yet, that’s the one sitting on the pencils.  Normal card making accoutrements dotted about and two wonderful and colourful skeins of wool sitting there too.  Can’t miss them can you!  I was at my local yarn store on Monday after work looking at their selection of yarn winders and the owner was already starting to mark things down for the big sale she’s having this weekend.  I’d like a yarn winder as I’m getting more and more yarn as skeins instead of balls and a winder takes the hard work, and the need for an additional pair of arms, out of the equation, and gives you fantastic centre pull balls of wool that don’t tangle and bounce about whilst you’re knitting!  With a bit of luck Father Christmas will be bringing me one.

And talking of knitting, that was a nice little segway there, did you like how I did that?, I made myself a cowl as the weather has turned decidedly chillier of late.


That outside photo on the deck was taken Sunday morning, it was a rather nippy 16F, or -10C.  I was nice and snuggly warm in my new cowl though.  And I learned just yesterday that the wonderful company that produces (raised, sheared, dyed and spun) that wool here in Northern Michigan (Stonehedge Fiber Mill in East Jordan) have been named as one of the US Winter Olympic Teams official partners for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Soichi, Japan.  Apparently Ralph Lauren has ordered 4000 lbs of their wool to use in the sweaters and caps that the athletes and all the coaches will be wearing at the Closing Ceremonies.  For a little place in the backwaters of Northern Michigan with just 14 employees and running their business on a 157 year old family farm, I think that’s a phenomenal endorsement.

Anyway, that’s enough from me.  It’s American Thanksgiving this week and I have Thursday and Friday off work to enjoy a little down time.  If you celebrate, have fun, travel safe.  See you around the blog hop.