Or Tuesday, or whatever day you actually get here.

I hope I managed reciprocal visits last week, I was a bit out of sorts with Thanksgiving and being off work, I really didn’t know if I was coming or going, or what day it was!  Woke up Sunday in a panic thinking I was late for work!

Not a lot going on on the old desk this week, I’ve been knitting again, finishing off some things, cleaning the house, buying a Christmas tree and making a start on getting those pesky Christmas cards written out and in the post.  I know I say it every year, but the making of them is so much more fun than the actual writing of them!

I have some scraps of paper and empty packets from stamps.  The gold box contains wood mounted sentiments, one of which is out on the desk.  The green case is a cropodile.  My lovely patchwork knitting needle case (made by the wonderful LLJ) is there along with a finished pair of cabled socks for me and two new skeins of wool for the boy.  There’s also a new red skein but I’m using that downstairs already, he wants more socks.  The green wool is also for socks, probably for him, and he chose the goldy/brown wool for himself and wants me to make him a nice cowl.  My local yarn store had their big sale last Friday after Thanksgiving and we went along… there was I, looking through the sale and clearance section choosing stuff for me, and there he was, in the non sale section picking out the most expensive skein (the gold/brown one) he could find for himself!!  Isn’t that always the way, lol!

And here’s a better photo of my new socks, hard to get a decent pic these days, the nights are drawing in so much.

I was sitting on the arm of the chair with my feet up on the back trying to get as close to the window as possible!!  Righty then peeps, that’s your lot here, back to Julia’s for the start of the linky list and more visiting.