Before the year runs out on us completely I thought I’d put up a couple of snaps of our Christmas house.  Your guide for this little tour is Bou, short for Caribou, as that’s what he is.  Of course, in Europe, he’d be known as a Reindeer. **

He’s a very cheeky little chappy that gets up to all kinds of mischief along with his henchman, aka my hubby.  You might get to see him again later in the week as I got a ball winder for Christmas and Bou seems to think it’s his personal merry-go-round!  I’ve caught him sitting on it holding on to the spindle egging Andrew on to give him a twirl!  But here on Christmas Eve, he was conducting a house tour for you all and I forgot to publish it!

In our entrance hall there’s a bakers rack that I decorate every year, with some bought fake greenery and some of the trimmings from the Christmas tree.

There’s also some fresh Poinsettias and a potted Norfolk Island Palm, along with lighted garlands up the stairwell.

We spend most of our time in the family room, so this is the most heavily decorated area in the house, the fireplace and mantel always look very festive, and on the main wall, the TV/display unit holds a good number of decorations too.

There are coloured lights hidden on the top that look really cozy lit up at night.

The cubbies have little bits of greenery mixed with candles and tea light holders.

And here’s the carnage on Christmas morning, with our make shift bed on the floor, the presents before opening and the Christmas tree just behind us over the half wall.

And finally, here’s the view you’ve always wanted to see.  Me on Christmas morning, along with Bou, in my pyjamas and Mrs Claus hat.  Breakfast consisted of mince pies and coffee, fuel for the present opening that was about to take place.  And in the spirit of doing things entirely our way, we cooked and ate our turkey dinner and skyped with our families wearing those very same pyjamas and Christmas hats!  They may roll their eyes at us but growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

If I don’t catch you again, have a wonderful, happy and peaceful New Year.  Me?  I’ll probably be spending it in my pyjamas!  Chin, chin!

**Many years ago both Andrew and I worked for Aston Martin.  Andrew was a development engineer and among a lot of things, did hot and cold testing work.  One February they were doing cold work in Ajerplog, Sweden and on their day off, drove the Aston along the snow packed roads and across the Arctic Circle.  On their way back he still vividly remembers having to stop and wait for a herd of reindeer to cross the road right in front of them.  That’s a memory I would dearly love to have, and to this day, I still envy him for that experience.