I’m not going to go on but it’s the coldest that I’ve ever experienced in my entire life here right now, -17F (-28C) for a low overnight and a lot colder than that with wind chill taken into consideration (almost -40C).  Only for another day though then it will start to lift.  So we won’t mention it again, that and the 13″ of snow that fell here on the 5th, on top of the 11″ that fell on New Year’s Day!  We won’t mention that either!

It’s Wednesday and I have a desk to show you, not a very interesting one as I haven’t been in the craft room at all (too cold but we won’t mention that), so it’s starting to collect stuff instead of being used.

There are two storage binders at the front that I got for Christmas, one now holds all my LOTV stamps and the other will be holding that pile of stamps on top.  There’s a corrugated piece of card and some gold wrapping from a Christmas gift, behind that is a few stamps that were in a parcel my Mam sent over from England, and to the right of that on the black magnetic sheet are some Joy Craft snowflake dies that I treated myself to right before Christmas.

So instead of paper crafting I’ve been knitting.  First up is an almost completed cowl for Andrew in a basket weave pattern…

A simple pattern in a gorgeous wool, his choice entirely.  The wool is Madelaine Tosh Merino DK in Glazed Pecan.  Next up is yet another sock, but this one is a wee bit special as I bit the bullet and tried a lace pattern.  I picked something that looked really easy, and it is, and I really like how it’s coming along, I’m just about to work on the heel flap now…

I joined in with a sock challenge over on Ravelry as the first challenge of the year was for lace and it was the impetus I needed to give it a go.

So that’s me this week, head on over to Julia if you don’t know why I’m showing my messy desk off to the world.  And I have to say, as life threatening as this cold snap is, I’d much rather have this than all the floods and storms that have been pounding the UK over the last few weeks.  Hope everyone is safe and dry.  I’ll be doing some more knitting to keep warm!