What indeed?  Not as cold this week thankfully, in fact, after our butt numbing cold last Tuesday/Wednesday we were actually above freezing Fri/Sat/Sun with heavy rain on Friday and Saturday!  It’s still dipping below at night so so the roads have all been like ice rinks for the last five days or so!  Think I preferred the cold, at least it was dry, lol!

My desk this week has seen a little bit of activity, this is actually my second post today as my DT project for Sparkles Monthly also went live today, that card is still on my desk, along with a couple of hints at what my next card will be about too.


About the only thing noteworthy is in the bottom right hand corner… new yarn that I received for my birthday last week!  Oh, and there’s a calendar on the wall, a complimentary one from Card Maker magazine.  Anyone in the US who buys or subscribes to it will be able to see an advert for my husband’s business, Giraffe Storage Systems,  in this months edition.  And speaking of which, there’s a special coupon code over there on the right side of my blog for 15% off his ribbon storage systems for readers of this blog!

I think most of you know the Wednesday routine by now, if not, the lady Julia will be only too happy to help you out.