Hello All – Different week, same mess I think.  Actually no, that’s a different mess, but it’s still a mess.  I did get a bit of crafting in at the weekend, what’s on the desk bears witness to that with stamps, papers, scissors, punch, bits and pieces and two cards sitting there too.

I seem to have turned into a  weekend crafter, at least in the paper crafting dept anyway.  The mid-week days have become unbearably busy and tiring, the drive to and from work has become unbearably slippery, icy and time consuming.  The upshot of it is, I seem to only craft on a Saturday or Sunday at the moment, although I do manage to snatch a bit of knitting in the evenings a few times a week.  We’re also back in the deep freeze as I type this on Tuesday evening, -17C (1F) heading for an overnight low of -21C (-6F), and I welcome it!  Yes, really I do!!  Very dry air means very dry roads for a few days, so today was my first normal drive to and from work in 8 days!

I have a question for you too!  I bought a set of used, mixed stamps on Ebay and I don’t know the names or manufacturer of them, so I wondered if anyone recognised these stamps?  Not the one crossed out in red, I know that’s Crafter’s Companion, but does anyone know the others?  They’re all clear polymer stamps.  **EDIT** Miss Marple herself has been on the case, and I now know the snowman is Inkadinkado Filigree Snowman and the little girl bottom right is Nellie Snellen “Sharing A Biscuit”.  The two top left are quite possible, Molly Blooms stamps, and I have to admit they do look like that style.

I must apologise for not getting round to see many of you last week, work was very busy and tiring and I worked through most of my lunch breaks which is prime commenting time for me!  Hopefully things will be better this week.  And if you’re wondering why I’m sharing my desk with you, you can find all the details here.  Chin, chin!