Wednesday once more, actually Tuesday where I am but are we splitting hairs?  Whatever day of the week you call it, it’s the day to join Julia on her weekly desk tour of the globe.

I don’t have a desk this week, it’s untouched from this time last week as I’ve been quite severely afflicted with sock knitting fever!  Or at least it seems that way!  This is what I’ve got going on at the moment..

Not one, not two but three pairs of socks!  The one on the left was knitted at work during lunch breaks, its pair will be knitted in the same manner.  The one in the middle is for a sock challenge (who knew such things existed??) and is ready for the heel to be worked.  The one on the right is for Andrew and has been knit here and there between the other projects.  Yeah I know, three pairs at once!

And then there’s these, my first pair of lace socks, finished last Thursday evening, these were also for a sock challenge!

So what’s the cause of this knitting frenzy you ask?  The weather I’m afraid.  As you know it’s been pretty bloody cold in these parts in January, and very snowy too, 40″ worth.  And so far February has added another 6″ to the pile with more tonight and tomorrow.  I peek in at my desk, bereft of activity, when I come in from work and I feel sad.  I then think about the warm fire downstairs, the hot tea waiting for me and the socks I could be knitting by the warm fire and I’m afraid there’s just no contest!  This is what it looks like outside right now, well on Sunday at any rate..

That’s a nice little snow pile behind me, it’s about bust height and I’m 5ft 5″.  Of course, it’s not all fallen snow, it’s also been shoveled, or blown, off the driveway, but it’s getting to the point where we can’t actually throw the snow over it if we’re shoveling by hand, and the long range forecast for February is just more of the same.

But you’ll have to excuse me for now, the socks are calling!