Hello Peeps, here we all are again.  I missed our little trip round the desks of the world last week as I was a bit under the weather.  I picked up a cold, along with 2/3 of the office, from a colleague who took a four day break in Florida and brought back a cold as a gift for the rest of us!  Nothing to do with all of our snow and cold weather, and everything to do with someone who went from 10F to 80F and back to 10F again in the space of a couple of days!

I’m still on a knitting trip at the moment, it’s easy I suppose as I can do it anywhere, but I did have a card to make at the weekend so you’re getting a bit of both on show this week.

There are some freebie paper downloads from Sizzix on the left; blue socks in the middle, one complete one working on the foot; the card I made is at the front and behind that is my washi tape holder that Andrew made for me.  Apart from that, just the normal tools of the trade.

Head off to Julia’s for the full linky list and the details of how to join in.

And anyone wondering what our weather is doing, we’re now at close to 78″ of snow this Winter, to put that in perspective we normally average 46″.  However, starting today (Wednesday) we’ve got mild temps with RAIN on Thursday!  It’s going to ruin the snow base and we’re not happy about that at all as the Cross Country skiing has been superb this year.  Plus with a lot of snow still on the ground there’s going to be a lot of standing water and it’s due to freeze every night too!