What indeed, I don’t even have a work desk this week, I have a chair!  Even though I’ve been making cards again, I can’t show anything until this weekend as it’s for a Design Team!  So after a number of weeks of not having an interesting desk, I actually do have an interesting desk this week but I can’t show it to you!!  Yes I know, it’s called irony, lol!

So I thought I’d sow you this instead, my set up in the family room where I like to sit and knit!

What you have here is a nice, comfy chair with a couple of cushions, a foot stool to pop my feet on, a nice rug in case my legs get a bit chilly, a side table for my bits and pieces and really good light directly overhead!

Here’s my side table:

On there is my current pair of socks, a tape measure, knitting needles in their packet, a knitting magazine to browse through, a ladybird row counter (you press down on its black head and it indexes the count up!), my pattern, which is propped up by a box of tissues behind it and my knitting bag. The blue tin belongs to Andrew, I can’t even recall what it’s for, but it’s useful for to put stuff on it and it stops my pattern falling forward too.

And yes, I know you’re going to ask, that is a piece of thick wooden doweling at the end of the sofa!  Andrew has strained his shoulder shoveling snow and found some exercises online that include twisting a certain way whilst holding the doweling.  He says it’s helping!

Finally, this is my current project, another lace pattern:

And talking of socks, this is how the blue ones turned out, I finished them last Saturday.

Regina asked me in a comment last week how long it takes to knit a pair.  Of course, they all vary, depending on the complexity of the pattern and the spare time I have available.  Some days I can knit for an hour after work, some days I get no knitting time at all, but on average, a pair like these will take about 3 weeks from start to finish, but I have no idea of exactly how many hours I’m talking about.  I can do a plain pair in just two weeks, which is a lot quicker than when I first started, but still a lot slower than some people I know.  I’m sure if I had nothing else to do and didn’t have to go to work, I could knit a pair in just a few days.

As usual, head off to Julia’s for all the details about What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  I’ll catch you on the hop no doubt!  Well, hopefully I won’t but you know what I mean, lol!