That’s my local city’s area code right there! 248 I mean, in case you think I’ve lost it.  But of course I have, you all know that to be true.  Now people at work know it too, and all because I sent myself an email today, instead of the poor lady I was on the phone with, who was searching and searching for my email and came to the conclusion that her email server was having a fit!  Nope, twas just me having a fit and completely losing the plot!

It’s Wednesday (somewhere in the world), so that means popping over to see Julia and her wondrous linky link up post.  I’m STILL trying to get round to the last few peeps who visited me last week, and here we are, starting all over again. My desk is boring again but I won’t bore you with the details as to why.  Suffice to say that March kicked off with -18C and 5″ of snow.  And even I am tired of it now!  Really, I am! We’ve booked a trip to Mexico, it’s not until May, but at least I can look forward to it!

But I’ll just show you my desk…

The Christmas stuff is out again as I was making a DT project last week.  The washi tape holder is taking pride of place.  Andrew wants me to tell you that Giraffe Storage Systems is now on Facebook and he’s be ever so grateful if you would go over there and “Like” him!  And right at the front is a challenge blog candy win.  MDF die cuts, I won them before Christmas but they never arrived here so the manufacturer kindly sent another set.  And yes, I’m still knitting.  I have one green sock from last week almost complete and I cast on yet another one, this time in shades of purple and combining both lace and cables, AND I’m reading a knitting chart for the first time too.  So perhaps I should be grateful to this incredibly snowy winter after all!

Hopefully I’ll be able to visit you all this week, see you on the desk trail.