Evening All, from a wet Michigan, makes a change from snow I have to say, although that will be along after midnight, another 8″ – 10″ or so.  We had a lovely warm, sunny day on Monday of 10C (50F) as our high this week, yet Wednesday night will be -19C (-2F)!  I’m beginning to think it will be July before we get any really warm weather at this rate!

This week finds me in a much better mood than the last few weeks, I think Winter was dragging me down mentally but it took a few weeks for me to realise that.  Our clocks went forward at the weekend and the difference in the daylight hours when I get in from work is very welcome.  My mood improved so much over the weekend that I went back in my craft room for the sheer pleasure of it, and that hasn’t happened since January!  I managed to make a DT project, two Christmas cards and I’m now working on a happy and cheerful Penny Black card.

So on my desk (on Tuesday after work) are some stamps, Memory Box die, papers, trimmer, pink card, my glue gun, inks, pencils with the card sitting on top, almost finished, and at the back is the stamp I used and some scissors.

I haven’t mentioned the “K” word in a while so here are some socks I finally finished for Andrew.

I made him stand on a chair by the patio doors for the pictures!  He does love his new socks, especially how they fit, but that knit3 purl 1 ribbing all the way through two socks was the most mind numbingly boring thing I’ve ever knit, hands down!  Or perhaps that should be feet down!  At least the ribbing makes them fit well, the last pair I made him came out too big.

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