Hello All – It’s another Wednesday again and another trip round the desks of the world courtesy of our Julia!   I have a newsflash for you!  We are finally (mostly) snow free!  Yay!  There is a bit of it still hanging around in the wooded areas and in the corners of North facing fields, but we’re had a number of days over 10C (50F) in the last week and actually ate our lunch and afternoon tea sitting on the deck last Sunday.

But, you’re here for a desk… not much going on as I’ve been keeping it tidy.  You might be excused for thinking that you saw that same pile of Ebayed knitting magazines last week, but you didn’t!  That’s a new lot, lol!!  Lot’s of British and Australian ones in that pile, but I’ve got more than enough now so I’m not looking for any others!


Sitting on top of them is a new sock, just started yesterday.  It’s a Gansey inspired pattern which is based on traditional fisherman’s jumpers (sweaters).  They were often very regional specific patterns and motifs used in them and were knit by the wives to keep their husbands warm and safe whilst at sea.  Some of the designs were so specific that in the case of a large maritime disaster the bodies of the sailors could be identified from their jumpers.  It could even tie them to a single village in some instances.

Last week Margaret of Glitter and Glue asked to see inside my Christmas paper scraps box!  It’s not very exciting but here it is!


And finally, I also finished those green socks that were on my desk last week too:

Right, that’s your lot!  Thanks for stopping by!!