I’m having a flash back this week.  A couple of weeks ago I mentioned thinking about using punchinella (sequin waste) to make a colourful, ergonomic, flowing kind of sweep across a card… turns out that’s bloody difficult!  So I revisited the whole thing at the weekend and decided to make a sort of graduated background instead.  You can see the results of the flowing rainbow thing on the right, it’s not exactly very natural looking is it!

I’ll cut a portion of this out and team it with a computer generated sentiment along the lines of “have a bright, sunshiney day” kind of thing.  It’s for a male birthday card, for a soon to be 19 year old.  I don’t know what else to do, lol!  But I like those lovely bright colours.

We’re also having more bright, sunshiney type days in Michigan too, finally, I know I’m jinxing myself but I really think Winter is done with us, for a few months at least!

The Curious Cranes (Sandhill Cranes) also think we’re done, they turned up at a local park recently pretty much en masse.  And they’re still very curious, they walk right up to you to see what you’re doing and if you have any food for them.  We went to that park for a walk on Sunday with friends, expecting to see a few of them as is usual at this time of year, but instead we saw loads and loads.  Some singly, most in small group of about seven or so with huge flocks out on the open water.  We’ve never seen so many, at times they lined the path as we walked by, just looking at us.

They’re pretty big too, standing about 4ft, or more, tall with 5ft to 7ft wingspans, so walking past three or four of them when they’re lined up like that staring at you down their sharp 8″-10″ bills can be a bit unnerving, but they always seem to be really docile.  The one above was pecking at the ground while making a beeline straight for me (thought I had food) and was incredibly interested in my feet, that’s why his bill is a bit cut off, I couldn’t move any further back and he was practically at my feet.

So, a Nature Walk for you this week.  To see proper desks, head on over to Julia’s for all the details and I’ll be seeing you anon!