Woot, woot!  Wednesday once more.  I’m in such a happy mood, why you ask?  Well, because it snowed again!!  Frankly, it’s a choice of laughing at the craziness of a nice few days with 21C weather ahead of a winter storm, or crying at the whiteness and -5C that greeted me yesterday and this morning!  Thankfully, the pavement had warmed up so much that it only really accumulated on the grass and open fields, and despite being chilly at night it is melting rapidly.

But there is an upside to all of this, and that is we broke a 133 year old record for the snowiest winter recorded in the Metro Detroit area, and it looked for all the world that we were going to come up short just, 1 1/4″ below.  But the 3.1″, official total, pushed us over. It really made this snowy, icy, freezing Winter seem worth it.  Oh, and if you’re interested, 94.8″ is what we got this year, almost 8ft, and over double the normal 44″ or so.  The old record was 93.6″, set back in the Winter of 1880/1881.  Let’s hope it takes another 133 year to get anywhere close to that cause I don’t want to go through this again in a hurry!

But onwards to a Springy desk.  Would you believe I haven’t made a Christmas card in over a week?  I’ve changed to Spring like cards!  And yeah, I can see the irony in that, lol!

My desk looks really bright because the sun was out and the snow was very reflective.  There are the cards I made at the weekend, one with the punchinella that was on my desk last week, the second one is a Spring-like New Baby card.  If you want to see the punchinella card close up the link is here.  There’s a bit or lace, baker’s twine and a few of the normal bits and pieces lying around.  The multi coloured paper is actually a free pdf from Ranger with all the Distress Ink colours and names in a handy, dandy format.  I printed it on to sticky label paper and I’m about to make a start on properly labeling up my DI’s.  The direct link is right here if anyone else wants it.

So, I just need to point you in the direction of the delectable Julia for all the details on WOYWW, and I’ll be around shortly, so get the kettle on!  I’m still trying to catch up with the last few people who visited me last week too, so I apologise ahead of time if I’m a bit tardy this week.