I have a desk that is scarily similar to last weeks desk, in fact, it’s  all still there, exactly where it was lat week.  The only difference is a couple of additions in the form of some Christmas stuff as I had a DT project to make.  If it wasn’t for that, it would, most definitely, not have changed an inch!


I should put up last weeks photo and make you do a spot the difference, lol!

I did get these done though…


Pair No5 of the year.  Not bad at all considering I only managed four pairs for the whole of last year, and here I am, on pair five already and only four months in to the year.  I’m quite pleased with that, my goal is 12 pairs by the end of December!

Here’s a close up so you can see the pattern which is all ribs, cables and lace.  My Ravelry page is here is you’d like all the details.  I also came across a really hand little app on the internet that tells me that I’ve knitted 1.64 miles of yarn so far this year!!  Yes, I know, little things please little minds!

I hope all of our friends in the Southern US States are faring ok after the terrible round of deadly tornadoes in the last few days.  Amazing how your whole life can change in the blink of an eye.  Thankfully all we’ve had to put up with so far has been a five hour power cut.

I’m off to call in to see Julia, hopefully I’ll see you there.