A mess if I’m honest.  It contains EXACTLY the same stuff as last week AND the week before, all I’ve done is add a bit to it!  I don’t know why I’m procrastinating, I’ve got stuff to do but I’m just not doing it!

Anyway, the new stuff is two lovely skeins of Alpaca sock yarn.  As I’m knitting many more patterned socks now I need yarn that can show off stitches nicely and not swamp them with lots of colours or quick colour changes, and that means solid, semi-solid or tonal yarn.  I got those two on Monday after work at another little yarn shop in the area.  Beside the yarn is a free sock pattern that they popped in the bag too, and underneath that  is a little pile of stamps that arrived on Tuesday in a little love parcel from the home front!

The other small ball of yarn is one I’ve listed for sale or trade on Ravelry, it was given to me but I can’t think of a single use for it!  Maybe someone will want it.

We had our first camping jaunt of the season last weekend when we went over to the SW side of Michigan.  We were at a race track with the Vintage racers that we’re friends with on the Saturday, it was fun but really cold, wet and windy.  Sunday brightened up and although it was still cold at least the sun was out, but the breeze right off the lake was mind numbing.  Still, at least we got out somewhere!  Roll on summer, lol!

That’s me this week.  To find out about this weekly desk lark head on over to Julia’s at The Stamping ground for all the info.