And it was me who got the surprise!

Hello again desk hoppers, Wednesday once more, thanks for popping in.  So how did I get a surprise?  Well, you may recall I was in Mexico at the end of May, when the crop and the atc swap was going on and didn’t take part.  So imagine my surprise when I got back from the weekend on Sunday (June 29th) to find an envelope from Julia in my mailbox which was full of beautiful atc’s, along with a lovely note!  So they’re gracing my desk this week.



Poor Julia must have been wondering why I hadn’t mentioned them before, or thanked her for them, but they must have traveled the long way round as they were posted on May 27th and arrived here on either the 27th or 28th of June!  I can’t believe it took 31 or 32 days for a small envelope with correct postage and address on to reach me.  But I had a fantastic time looking at each one and putting names to blogs.

So Julia, thank you so much for taking the trouble to include me in the WOYWW ATC swap.  And you truly surprised me too!

So, it was the last weekend in June and I had the Friday off work as we headed down to Mid-Ohio racing track for the annual Vintage Grand Prix that they hold there, and this time we were able to take the little Ginetta G15 with us too.  They have a featured marque at Mid-O every year, along with a special race for the featured marque and this year it was the classic mini that got its turn in the limelight.  They came from all over the US and Canada too, 54 of them to be precise.  I love mini’s, we had three at different times when I was growing up, I learnt to drive in one too, I think most of us probably have a mini story somewhere in our past.

I’ll leave you with this photo from Turn 1 of lap 1 of their race, 49 of them started, 48 finished (no mean feat in itself!).  It was impossible to get them all in one shot, they just kept coming and coming and coming around turn 1!  Wonderful to see, absolutely fantastic actually.  It was the most minis in one place that both Andrew and I had ever seen, or are ever likely to see again.

So that’s me this week.  Head off to Julia if you have no idea why I’m showing you a desk, and while you’re there make sure you

wish her a Very Happy Birthday too!  

And at the other end of the birthday celebrations scale, Happy Birthday America, 238 on the 4th.  And while I think about it, today (2nd July) is also the 20 yr anniversary of Andrew and I arriving in America!!  Plus it’s Darnell’s birthday!  Wow, lots going on this week!