Hi All – Long time no post!  It’s summer here in Michigan and in general it’s been a very good one with low heat and humidity… so we’ve been out and about, camping, kayaking, biking, meeting friends, two Vintage Grand Prix’s (race trackking!) and another one this weekend coming plus the Vintage air show we always attend.  Busy, in other words, but in a totally fun way.  So there’s been no blogging apart from Design Team commitments, and pretty much my only computing time has revolved around Croatian genealogy records as I’m helping someone look into their family history there.

But I do have a desk to show you this week, I’ve had to cover up what I’m working on but there’s still stuff to see.


The two Memory Box dies on top of the trimmer are new, and yes, I’m working on Christmas again!  At the back is a big pile of yarn as my local store is moving to a bigger premises and was having a big sale on all the end of range, oddments, one offs, mismatched dye lots etc that aren’t going to the new store.  So I came home with a few sock yarns and at the very back, a jumpers (sweater to the US peeps) worth of pure wool in my favourite made in Michigan brand, Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool.  It’s a dark greeny/blue, a bit heathered too.  I’d have preferred a different colour, not so dark, but I got it for a great price and there wasn’t a lot in the store in that kind of quantity any more.

I’ve also completed another two pairs of socks since I last checked in with you all and pair No10 for the year is 75% done too.  My goal this year was to knit 12 pairs, and I’m almost there as pairs 11 and 12 are also on the needles!  After that I’m taking that lovely greeny yarn in the above photo and I’m making a start on that jumper I keep saying I’m ready to make!!

After saying we’ve had a really good summer weather wise earlier, we did have a major weather incident here on Monday afternoon that gave us an “official” rain total of 4.25 inches in a matter of hours.  Just up the road from me a trained weather spotter reported 6″ of rain in 12 hours and at Grosse Ille, an island in the Detroit River between us and Canada they recorded 6.48″.  Most of the major roads and freeways around here were inundated with water and thousands were stranded.  At midday on Tuesday the intersection of two large freeways were still under 12ft of water and police divers were searching submerged vehicles, although no one has been reported missing.  A number of people I know have badly flooded basements and a racing friend now has a totaled car as he and his wife had to abandon it and get to higher ground when they road they were traveling on become submerged by 3 1/2ft deep flood water!  We got 1.19″ of rain where we are, so the garden got a good watering, everything else in my area was unscathed thankfully.  We made headline news on The Weather Channel again though!



Hopefully you’re all staying dry and enjoying the summer, I’m off to link up with Julia.