A very quick one from me this week as I’m in a very busy week at work and my brain doesn’t want to cooperate by the time I get home, so here’s my desk in all it glory!

The Christmas card at the back is newly made and will be blogged in a few hours, and the card at the front was made a couple of weeks ago and is there to remind me to send it to my sister for her birthday.  Lots of stamps are still out, the green case holds my Cropodile and the open drawer has pearls and gems in it.

And then there’s the socks that I finished and said I’d show if I got them done.  Pair number 12, and I manged to meet my goal of 12 in 2014 three months early, so naturally I’m making more!  My new goal is to see how many pairs I can make this year!

Don’t know why I’m showing you this?  Then head over here to see Julia and get all the deets.