It’s Wednesday folks, it’s desk day.  I think I’m in a rut, my desk seems to look very similar from one week to the next, I also seem to have mislaid my little tidy fairy too which is a bit concerning I must say!

My big, blue, shiny sock blockers arrived from Amazon!  And using them as a template Andrew traced around them on to the cheap place mat and made me another pair.  Having tried both out over the weekend I’m amazed at how well the cheap $1.49 place mat ones work, despite being thin they’re easy to put wet socks on to, I expected them to be really floppy. Of course, they don’t stand up very well so I used my Cropodile to punch holes in the top of them so I can hang them up over a shower rail or something.  Both sets make a big difference to the look of the socks that I make.  I might pop up a post later this week showing the difference between blocked and unblocked.


As to the desk proper, I seem to be working on Merry Hallowistmas as I’m caught between Halloween and Christmas at the moment.  Even the Halloween card you see there uses a Penny Black Christmas stamp and a Martha Stewart Icicle punch, items you wouldn’t normally expect to turn up on a spooky kind of card.  The pennant paper strips and the tiny images on top of the Prisma pencil tin are all for a set of three Christmas cards (posted Tuesday if you’d like a look, and the Halloween card was posted Sunday if you’d like more detail on that too).  And my top tip of the week… see that black, shiny, glittery paper between the sock blockers?  That’s Judikins Black Diamond embossing powder embossed on to black scrap card.  I used it to punch out the black bats and the icicle strip on the Halloween card.  It’s much thinner than store bought glitter card and so was very easy to punch.  I think I’ll try that with other colours for other occasions and see how I get on.

And I can’t leave you without a sock update, this is Neldoreth, inspired by the Beech Woods in Tolkein’s Silmarillion, the most difficult pair I’ve attempted to make so far.  They’re not technically difficult as they’re just cables and twisted stitches, they just take a lot of concentration.  They’re certainly not a mindless knit if I’m a bit brain dead after work, if there’s one thing more difficult than knitting cables it’s unpicking cables!

This is what I hope these socks will look like when they’re done!

Don’t know why I’m showing you my desk?  Pop on over to Julia’s for the details, she’ll be the one with the Sangria in her hand!!