Hi All – Yes, it’s Wednesday again, scary how quick it comes round, I know we all say it but it’s true!

Here’s my desk this week, if you have no idea why I’m showing you this then head over to Julia’s for all the details and to join in with this fun hop.

I was putting together a card that uses the House Mouse stamp at the back and that big pink bow which came from a box of Christmas chocolates from the other year.  I’d just scored the card using the Scorpal.  There’s also ink and washi tape on the desk, along with a cuppa and a packet of Liquorice Allsorts!  I brought those back from England with me in May of last year!  There were two packets in the box, that’s the second one!  As much as I love them I only have the odd one when I really feel like it.

Way over on the right, on the edge of the picture you can just make out some knitting, the needle is about all you can see.  Last Saturday I took a young Japanese lady from work to JoAnn’s so she could chose yarn and some needles and then it was back to my house for the rest of the day where I taught her how to knit.  As her first project she chose to make simple fingerless gloves in a ribbed pattern that will be seemed up the side, leaving a thumb hole.  I knitted the same thing with some spare yarn and needles for about 10 rows so she could keep looking at mine if she needed to, and that’s what’s on the right on my desk.  I have to say she picked it up incredibly quickly and has finished the first mitt, I just need to show her how to bind off, then she can start the second one.  Despite the language barrier, or possibly because of it, it was a lot of fun and she really enjoyed the day.