Every year in the run up to Halloween my local town sponsors an event called Skeletons on Main.  As well as decorating the pretty, Victorian town with Autumn touches, think flowers, corn stalks and pumpkins), they also work with a local landscape company to install over 50 life size skeletons in various poses around the town.  The result is really quite hilarious.

Last Saturday Andrew and I walked around taking some photos before they were removed to make way for the Christmas decorations.  We had been downtown the night before, on Halloween, but it was wet, windy, snowy, icy and freezing cold so we didn’t spend long.  It was still really cold on the Saturday morning but at least the sun was back out and the blue sky made for some super pictures.

I’m not post all the ones I snapped as you’d be here forever, but you can see some more here.


You can always count on Superman…


Delinquent skeletons??


I hope the Northville High School cheer team are not that anorexic!


Spiders! This was lit up at night, they all have orange eyes!


..And where you find Spiders, you find Spiderman


Outside the “make you own pottery” shop… the iconic scene from Ghost!


In the frame?


Dinner awaits you… if you dare.


The proposal.. outside the jewelers store of course.


How about a nice cuppa? As long as you don’t die waiting!


Even skeletons hobbies! They have to have something to do for the rest of the year!


Taking exercise to extremes?


Some don’t have time to play, there’s work to be done.


Ghostly music?


Sing along now… “And I had the time of my life and I owe it all to you”!


Family day out.


Getting a bit squiffy?


Obviously that cat’s been up that tree for a while!


Fabulous dahhhling!


No wonder this little town always look so neat and clean.


But I was framed! Can you see the Police Dept sign?