Hello Peeps – We’re back again for the weekly deskhop with Julia and all her friends.  I was MIA last week, busy, knee deep in stuff, whatever, I don’t recall!!  The weeks are whizzing by in such a blur at the moment, that’s all I know!

My desk this week is from Sunday as it’s been too cold to go in to my room when I get in from work since then, it seems a waste to heat the room when I’m only going to be in it for an hour or so before I get dinner and then spend the rest of the evening downstairs.  And by too cold I mean it’s been well below freezing here the last couple of days (think -12C before wind chill type of temperatures), and we’ve even had a light dusting of snow with the promise of a bit more later this week too.


I did get about six Christmas cards made at the weekend and another eight started, I really only need a few more now and I’m done making them.  Next will be the writing of them which is always the hard part!

That’s it for me this week, keeping it short so you can pop around more desks!