Wednesday again, and a short week for me this week as I’ll be off work Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.  With a bit of luck I’ll have some time to visit more of you this week.

On to my desk, in the throes of Christmas on Sunday.

I blogged about the cards that are there on Tuesday of this week.  I had quite a lot going on when I snapped the pic, lots of small packets of bought embellishments are on the desk, what with all the dies and cool supplies we have now I don’t find I use them very much these days.  The light was very bad the whole weekend as we had a big warm up, from -12C to +12C in two days and we had a lot of rain too.  Back to cold again now and our snow either melted or was washed away with the rain!  More where that come from no doubt!

Last Friday a bunch of us from the IT Dept at work went to a local senior centre where we served their Thanksgiving Lunch.  Some other colleagues had been at the centre all Thursday afternoon and prepared and cooked the meal.  I was in charge of helping out three tables of seniors with food (if they couldn’t get to the buffet line themselves), coffee/tea, water, pie and clearing dishes etc.  There were 18 tables in total.  It was a lot of fun but those old peeps ran me ragged for 2 hours, although I did get some hugs at the end!  When we all got back to work, Toyota provided lunch for us as it was also our free Thanksgiving lunch at work and we were missing it by volunteering, but our lovely HR girls made sure we got our turkey lunch too.  It’s something I’m looking forward to doing again next year, both the volunteering and the eating lol!  I’m on the right in the pic, with my arms folded

Off you (turkey) trot!   Many more desks to be viewed over at Julias!