Yet again, the world rotates and here we are, desk hopping once more.  Yes it’s Wednesday, so that means we all head over to Julia’s to see who’s hopping and who ain’t!

This is me this week, it was tidy for about five minutes but then I had cards to make so I messed it up again.  Lots of flowers are out, all from Wild Orchid Crafts, some stick pins, a pile of cleaned clear stamps in the middle, scissors, pokey tool, punch, inks and blender and other assorted accoutrements.  That blue sock is still there, I started to pull it out but all I’m managing to achieve is to make a hole!  My leading yarn hasn’t gotten any longer, it’s sort of unraveling in on itself, most odd.  I’ll keep at it as I already have another pattern in mind for the yarn, it can’t hold out forever!

Short and sweet this week!  Oh and forgive my dust, I’m redecorating the old blog but managed to delete my sidebar so I’m in the process of recreating it again!