This has to be pretty close to the top, maybe No1.  This was 500ft off my back deck last night (Saturday 24th Jan).  These first three photos were taken standing on the deck.

We live just off a busy road, it’s the main drag for the Police, Fire and Ambulance departments, and there is a freeway entrance/exit just 2 miles East of us too so we’re used to hearing the sirens screaming down the road.  Last night from about 8:30pm we heard the sirens and it sounded close, then we heard more sirens and then more still.  There was a lot of noise behind us, people yelling and what sounded like a large generator running so we looked outside to see what the heck was going on, only to see one of the buildings of the apartment complex directly behind us was completely engulfed in flames.  I think it’s the most shocking thing I’ve seen in my life and I felt sick to my stomach for a few minutes.  This was quite literally in my own back yard.

We stood in our garden with our neighbours and some people from down the street, and were then joined by complete strangers who drove into our sub to see what was happening as the main road outside was completely blocked off by the emergency depts, and they were at a standstill.  We went down through the trees to get these photos but didn’t stay long, it was too distressing.

There are 16 apartments in that building, 12 of them were occupied.  Luckily there were no injuries, but there are some pets that are not accounted for and have most likely perished, although our neighbours told us that they saw the firefighters coming out of the building before it was completely engulfed with pets and a couple of small animals in a cage.

This morning it looks like this.

The entire back of our house overlooks this devastation, our family room, breakfast area, kitchen and dining room are all at the back on the ground floor, and as there are no leaves currently on the trees we can’t help but see it.  Upstairs, our bathroom and the bedroom I use as my craft room also overlook it, so it doesn’t matter what we do, where we go, it’s right in our face.

Andrew and I got no sleep at all last night, the last of the big fire trucks left at 3:16am, but then a large generator turned up, with a lot of workmen and the chain link fence went up around the building.  The noise and the lights made it impossible to sleep.  However, please don’t think I’ complaining, I’m acutely aware that the only thing I lost last night was a few hours of sleep.

Above you can see our house on the lower left with the black arrow, and above that to the right, is the apartment building in question.  We’re still waiting to hear what happened.

Local news report here: