I was born in Durham, England but have found myself living with my husband in the North West suburbs of Detroit, Michigan for the last 18 or so years. I’m employed in the automotive industry, and have been for over 25 years! We chose not to have children, so most of our non work days are free and easy!   We love old British cars, and have two of them; kayaking; hiking and camping; road racing (I volunteer to work and my OH occasionally takes part in track days); then there’s the quieter side… the cooking, gardening, genealogy, reading, traveling and making cards.  You’ll find a bit of everything here, quite a few cards and crafts I have to admit, but also seasonal posts about kayaking and trips and such.  Thanks for stopping by.

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. I would love some staqmpings from the new stqamps. Please email me for details

  2. Brenda- your post made me smile- thanks!

  3. Hi Brenda, Merry Christmas!!! What a beautiful site you have here. It made me so happy to see you are still working in the automotive business. I worried that things might have changed in your field of expertise. I am a full time Dean of Students in a middle school here. I used my teaching certificate to substitute teach immediately, when I was downsized with a thousand other JC employees on that fateful day. Full of regrets, but never looked back. I see you now race cars. WOW! You go girl. I thought I walked on the wild side when I bought my motorcycle. A BMW of course 🙂 Been touring around the states every chance I get. Well, enough of that. Again, good for you, and you and Andrew have a happy new year.

  4. why didnt I meet you when I was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan!!!!!!(2005-2008) I could have done with meeting a crafty soul. My OH comes from Morpeth, Northumberland so theres another common factor AND he was working in the auto business (thats why we were there!). Perhaps if I had met like minded folk we might still be there… I did find it hard work.thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I do like glass painting, I like to many craft things!!! Rock on Olive xxxx

  5. Dave is a really good chap….he is letting his fame go to his head !!
    thanks for popping by the blog.
    It is miserable weather here cold to the bone and damp.
    I am just off to get fish and chips for our tea.
    keep warm
    kindest regards


  6. Wow Brenda what a lovely blog you have love your hols piccys &&& what a small world we live in why?? cos I too came from very near Durham.. Teesside.. which used to be called Cleveland.. quite large town called Stockton..born & bred..we visited Durham many times & the lovely Durham Cathedral & Castle..& the river is always beautiful..hope you got over your shcok??

    smiles Christine xx

  7. You are so cute!

  8. Now how in the dickens can I ever answer you if you have no reply!!!!!! thanks for your visit and your nice comment. Not all cards are finished this well but I do finish all insides. Yes – the leprecheau was the mad hatter from Mo’s digitals. How are you doing Miss Brenda!!!!!

  9. Hi Brenda!
    I don’t know how else to answer your question!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving such a nice comment!
    The flowers are a Spellbinders die.

  10. Hi Brenda,

    Thanks for stopping by both Margaret’s and my websites through WOYWW. No they are not wood cuts, they are designs actually burned into the wood using a hot wire – hence the word Pyrography!

    You seem to have lots of irons in the fire yourself. Love some of your designs. Hope the event goes well this coming weekend.

    john-w #35

  11. Brenda, I’d love the soup recipes. I think soup is my favorite food, any kind. FYI, our winters are much nicer than yours in the mid-west. I’m originally from Wisconsin. I miss the Autumn, don’t miss the winter, spring was always beautiful and summer, I hated the humidity. We do get snow here, but nothing like Wisconsin, and the average temperature for winter is about 38.

  12. Georgina Evans said:

    Hi there Brenda, my name is Georgina Evans nee Grant from England. My 3 x Great Grandfather was Mark Grant from Poole, Dorset, England the brother of William Grant. Hope I have found the right person, was thinking do we have a family resemblance!

  13. Deirdre Hodgson said:

    Hi Brenda how you doing haven’t seen you for years saw some photos on facebook and got my daughter to text you my son and younger daughter are on facebook as well me I don’t believe in it would love to hear from you Deirdre your cousin xxx

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