Where: Kent Lake, Kensington Metro Park, Milford, Michigan

When: Saturday, 12 October 2013, a little after noon. Temperature 26C/75F

The Cast of Characters: Two rather curious Sandhill Cranes; two rather curious humans in petit bateau’s enjoying a few hours on the lake in glorious sunshine.




‘Ere, Edna.  What do you reckon those things  are then?  What things Fred?  Those floaty things in the water coming towards us with those odd looking things sitting inside them Edna.  I think they might be what’s called humans Fred, the things sitting inside the floaty things, not the floaty things.  Don’t know what the floaty things are called.



Don’t like the look of this Edna I can tell you, I’m outta here!  Fred, FRED!  Get back here, where’re you going?  Don’t just leave me here, what are you  man or mouse?  Well actually Edna, I’m neither, I’m a bird!  And while we’re on the subject, I told you we should have left last week when Bill and Pearl went to Florida.


Well if you think I’m going to spend yet another Winter with your Mother Fred, you’re badly mistaken.  Pfft, men!  (Fred, off in the wings) I heard that!  


Look, just keep your head down OK?  Pretend like we’re not even interested and they’ll take those floaty things somewhere else.


See, they’re more interested in those big white birds than they are in us, so you can get back in the water you big wuss!

Look Fred, they’re back on dry land again.  Silly humans don’t like getting their feet wet do they?  Why are they so interested in that tree Edna, it’s just a tree.  Haven’t a clue Fred, but I saw them looking at other trees too, I think there might be other humans that they want to show these trees to.  Well as long as the other humans don’t get in the water and come and stare at us too Edna, otherwise I’m leaving for Florida.

To be continued….