Hello All, yes, here we are again!  Since I saw you last we’ve had Halloween and Christmas all rolled in to one as it snowed on October 31st, that’s the earliest we’ve seen snow in the 20 years we’ve been here.  Thankfully it really didn’t stick but it was so cold, it was blowing a gale and as the rain gave way to sleet and ice it just pummeled any bare skin it could find.  My poor cheeks were stinging as we walked around our local town taking in the Halloween festivities!  So it was nice to stay home for the rest of the weekend I can tell you!

My desk this week is from late on Sunday afternoon, our clocks went back last weekend too so it’s now dark really early again.  It had been a nice day and we’d been out raking the leaves and tidying up in the garden for a couple of hours.

I was putting the finishing touches to that LOTV Christmas card that’s in the centre, it was posted here on Monday.  Lots of little tools are out but not much that needs explanation I think.  The Christmas themed box holds my Memory Box papers.

I did find time to work on the socks again though and the Aquaphobia’s are now finished:

And my knitting pupil from last week has finished her fingerless mitts, seemed them up the sides and is now looking for something else to make!  And not a single mistake either, puts me to shame she does, lol!

Finally, when we went in to our local town on Halloween it was to see these, the yearly “Skeletons on Main” event.  I took loads of photos (on the Saturday after Halloween) and I’ll do a whole post about them but I’ll leave you with this as a taster.. Outside the “make your own pottery” shop, yes, the potters wheel scene from Ghost!!

That’s all from me this week, hopefully I’ll get to visit more of you this time round, last week just disappeared in a blur!  And as always, head over to Julia’s if you need instructions on WOYWW.