Is it just me or are the weeks flying by now??  I spotted something in the Michaels sale this week that I’d like and I told my husband he can put it by for me for Christmas!!  It’s three months until the “C” Day and yet I’m already thinking about what I’d like to get!  Lol, he told me to go and buy it as he just doesn’t what to think about that right now!

So, the desk.  Since you last visited here I’ve made quite a few cards, six in fact, which is quite a few for me at any rate.  And the big question is, is it tidy?  Or has she truly lost the plot and stepped over to the other side, hmmm?  I’ll let you be the judge of that!

For me it’s a complete tip, I know for some of you this would be regarded as clean and tidy heaven and you’d never manage it in a month of Sundays!  There was quite a flurry of activity going on…. from the top right in a clockwise direction…… paper scraps scattered about, inked up images of a PB Christmas stamp, a tube of Martha Fine Glitter, tin of pencils, list of challenges still left to enter, stamping block, clear stamps, stripey/dotty card, dst and scissors, the greyish panel with stripes is the back of main panel for the stripey/dotty card!, mouse mat for stamping on, Cropodile tool, box of brads, scissors, box of stamping blocks behind scissors, pile of Distress Inks that seem to have taken up residence, pink water container, old pasta jar with Memento inks in it and on the window cill, two of the finished cards.   And like so many crafters, it looks like I’m down to a small section of my craft mat to work on.  I was also asked last week about the mug that lives on my desk, it’s used for water colouring.  I might have even moved up to a 3 in Kate’s Messy Scale this week!  But did I clear it all up I hear you all asking????  Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait until next week to find out!

Wednesday is What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday if you’re wondering!  You can pop over to see Julia, who organises us all each week, via the WOYWW button on the right.  It’s great fun, snooping around the craft spaces of amazing artists the world over (I’m not one of them BTW!), the projects people are working on are truly inspiring and we all craft differently, in our own way and in our own space, be it a tiny corner, a palatial craft room or even your driveway!  We see it all on WOYWW, won’t you join us??